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Bawsey Old Church

Norfolk, Near Kings Lynn, England

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by Robert Brooks.

Bawsey Old Church, near Kings Lynn, England Bawsey Old Church: Situated in open undulating farmland just east of Kings Lynn, the forlorn ruins of Bawsey Old Church looks stark and somewhat menacing as they silhouette and brood against the huge skies of Norfolk. Dedicated to St.James, Bawsey Old Church is one of many such fragmented church ruins that litter East Anglia.

The huge, gaunt dissected tower and aisle walls manifests a very fine Norman archway. Recent excavations on the hillside around the church, revealed a fine skeleton of which the skull had sustained a powerful blow from a swordsman. Probably dating from the Anglo Saxon period, Bawsey Old Church may well be on the site of a much earlier settlement that pre dated the Normans, and one that was raided by Viking Norsemen.

Records are rather scant about Bawsey, but it seems that the village was still thriving in the 16th century, but it was during that period the then current landowner decided to depopulate the village and hand the whole area over to farmland, reminiscent of the Clearances in Scotland.

He may well have had second thoughts though about demolishing Bawsey Church, which has slowly fallen into ruin over the passage of time.

Location: East of Kings Lynn, north off B1145 on farmland which needs access permission. Clearly visible from Kings Lynn By Pass A 149.

Rated for a visit: 8/10

  Bawsey Old Church - local map.